Emil Bauto

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Emil Bauto

United States

Coming from a family of artists I truly believe that art is my passion. I paint, draw and sketch whenever i find a subject that pleases my eye. Nothing inspires me more than a beautiful, serene landscape that calms my soul and inspires my thoughts and brings my hand to put it into life for others to appreciate and enjoy.My fascination of seascape particularly enables me to translate it into a medium where in I am able to convey a sense of depth, vivid color with natural dramatic light and the current atmosphere of the moment.

My work represents realism, strong influences from painters such as Michael Godfrey, David Gray, Serge Marshenikov, Mian Situ, Osama Obi, Veljko Djurdjevic and local artist Mulong Galicano.

With these factors in mind I strive to paint the perfect painting with a goal of pulling the viewer into the scene, inspiring the eye and creating an awareness of God's wonderful gift and that is to capture the drama of life and the beauty of nature.


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