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Adeste Deguilmo was born in Isabela,Basilan,Philippines.He took up painting at the UNIVERSITY OF THE PHILIPPINES CEBU and became a student of Cebu's foremost Painter,

Martino Abellana.

After obtaining His diploma in 1986.He worked in an Advertising Agency OLBES, OGILVY AND MATHER for six years as a visualizer.In 1993 He helped organized the Art Group,CEBU ARTISTS INC.He then became a president for a year.

Adeste entered the teaching profession in 1999 and became a member of the Fine Arts Faculty of the UNIVERSITY OF SAN CARLOS until 2006.In 2000 He received a grand and stayed in Vienna,Austria for three months as a foreign Artist in residence through the courtesy of the FEDERAL CHANCELLERY OF THE REPUBLIC OF AUSTRIA and the CEBU ARTS COUNCIL. In Vienna He exhibited his works at the KUNSTLER HAUS.

Adeste bagged  two important awards in 1997.He won the grand prize for the LETRAS Y FIGURAS, a National Competition Organized by the INSTITUTO DE CERVANTES in Manila.Also the same year He garnered the grand prize for the LAND BANK OF THE PHILIPPINES Centennial Mural Painting Competition.

In His prolific career as a Professional Artist ,Adeste had a ten solo exhibition and numerous group shows.

In April/May, 2010 Adeste won 3rd prize in the INTERNATIONAL ARTIST MAGAZINE'S(72)Challenge no.56"FLOWERS AND GARDEN"He was also featured in the same magazine(74) Aug./Sept.with article and demonstration.

In 2012 He won the grand prize in the FIGURATIVE ABSTRACTION Category Organized by the KAALYADO NG SINING,National Painting Competition.

In March 2017 at the ART CENTRAL HONG-KONG Adeste was presented by QUBE GALLERY CEBU.

INTERNATIONAL ARTIST MAGAZINE(122)Again featured Adeste in (Aug./Sept.)2018 with an article and demonstration.

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