Ayuesh Agarwal

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Ayuesh Agarwal


Born in India, My work focuses on the human figure and nature and is filtered through my cultural heritage. My worldly view about art was expanded through my time at The Florence Academy of Art, and across the world at the Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Arts and now at the Barcelona Academy of Art.

In my work, my main goal is not only to capture the beauty of nature but also to tell stories that hopefully people can connect with and find meaning. In terms of technique, I'm learning the classical tradition to have the skill and knowledge necessary to be free when exploring new mediums. I also believe execution and craftsmanship are equally important to the narrative of the work.

While doing this I wish to spread the knowledge I'm learning. I sincerely want to be able to help others be the best they can be. There is, in my eyes, no greater pursuit.

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