Deborah Lloyd

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Deborah Lloyd

United States

Deborah is a fine art painter who’s work is inspired by the beauty of nature and everyday objects. Whether it be the simplest ray of light, a silly chihuahua, flowers, to a stunning portrait, she is fascinated by it all. It is her goal to capture and convey these singular ephemeral moments of beauty throughout her drawings and paintings.

Her fascination and love of art was sparked in her from an early age. As a little girl, she could often be found challenging her father to draw different objects or characters on command, which she would later try to replicate herself. Deborah completed her undergraduate work from Penn State University and also studied Abroad at University of Westminster in London, UK. She also completed an associates degree program in Photography from her local community college. At that time, she decided to follow her true passion for fine art and moved to the Dominican Republic where she completed the intensely challenging and highly rewarding Waichulis Curriculum at the Ani Art Academies Dominicana, located in rural Rio San Juan.

Annually, Deborah participates in several gallery shows across the United States and exhibits her work internationally. Her artwork has won awards as well as earning finalist in several art competitions. Deborah’s work has been published in national magazines, been featured in Strokes of Genius: Creative Discoveries!, and will be featured in the upcoming drawing book by artist Juliette Aristides.

Today Deborah works alongside her fiance and fellow artist Edward Dillon, as an Instructor of Ani Art Academies Dominicana, where she studied. Together they are dedicated to teaching their apprentices and helping them develop into highly skilled artists.

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