McGarren Flack

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McGarren Flack

United States

McGarren Flack is a talented young artist who was introduced to art at Utah Valley University and reached artistic maturity after painting for three years. He started painting in the fall of 2002 at Brigham Young University in the Illustration program. He graduated from BYU in April of 2005. Flack was then accepted into the Masters of Fine Art program at the University of Utah and graduated April 2008. Currently he is a full time painter and professor for Dixie State University.

Flack's professional interest in art started when he saw the John Singer Sargent traveling art show in Washington D.C. He was captivated with the ability Sargent had in producing a scene that came alive and at the same time painted Brava brushstrokes. Flack's inspirations are mostly twentieth century artists like Ander Zorn, John Singer Sargent, JW Waterhouse, Carl Bloch, and P.S. Kroyer.

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