Rebecca Tait

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Rebecca Tait

United States

 Following in her father’s footsteps, she has been dedicated to art since a very early age.  Her commitment to her training, and later teaching classical realism, has taken her throughout Europe, Brazil and the United States. Rebecca’s work is featured in many important private collections and she has won numerous prestigious awards, including the Certificate of Excellence from The Portrait Society of America. She has studied under some of the best living masters including Ted Seth Jacobs, Robert Liberace and most notably, master painter Nelson Shanks. Her painting and teaching have become so highly respected during the past thirty years that Nelson Shanks has even entrusted the artistic training of his young-adult children to Rebecca.

Rebecca founded the Studio at Glen Gables, where she paints and teaches, in the tiny hamlet town of Laurel Springs NJ. She and her husband, Greg, designed and built their family home, large teaching studio, as well as Rebecca’s private studio.  Here, she paints full time creating large detailed portraits in the style of the great classical realists and teaching a highly talented, dedicated group of students. Rebecca’s students spend, on average, 12 years under her tutelage and mentorship.  This often results in not only becoming highly successful artists, but lifelong friends as well.

Although life as an artist is a seven day a week obsession, it is not the only love in her very busy life. Rebecca is passionate about her family, healthy cooking, fitness, and holds reverence for Mother Nature. She has been very involved in animal rescue, particularly dogs, her entire life. She is well known in her small town for her daily runs with her pack of happily rescued dogs. Rebecca and Greg are the proud parents of three sons, daughters- in- law and two very loved grandsons who are a daily part in their joyously chaotic life.     

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