Alessandra Marrucchi

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Alessandra Marrucchi


Alessandra Marrucchi was born in Florence and graduated from the art high school, and attended the Faculty of Architecture. 

She studied graphic design at the Cappiello Academy and had classes of nude at the Academy of Belle Arti in Florence.
Then she studied at Nerina Simi's studio assiduously, from 1977 to 1982. These years have been the basis of her artistic training. That historic atelier, was known and frequented by painters from all over the world. 
From 1979-1980 she was in California, where she attended classes on portrait and on nude at the University of Berkeley, and classes of landscape at the Institute of Arts and Crafts in Oakland. Back to Florence she gave private lessons in painting and drawing encouraged by her teacher, Nerina Simi.
From 1982-1997 she lived in Pisa, participating at the activities of the Artists Association. From 1988-1990, in Rome, she participated in the activities of the Association “Hundred Painters of Via Margutta”.
Again back in Florence, she spend some time restoring old historical buildings, but in the last few years she started painting regularly again.

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