Tanvi Pathare

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Tanvi Pathare


Born and brought up in Mumbai,India, Tanvi Pathare showed a growing interest in Fine Arts since a very early age. Encouraged by family,she began her art education at the prestigious Sir J.J.School of Art in Mumbai and received her Bachelors in Fine Arts(Painting) with outstanding grades,topping the University.

After being allured by the Realistic tradition of painting from nature, Tanvi applied and was Accepted At the Florence Academy Of Art, Florence, Italy(FAA).

 Here she was honored By the Best Painting Of the Year from the Intermediate Studio of the School among other awards. She taught in the Academy in their Sculpture Drawing Studio.She was awarded for her Outstanding Performance in Art in her final academic year.

Tanvi presently works in a studio space in Florence while continuing to be a Principal instructor in the Florence Academyof Art’s Drawing and Painting Program. Her work is represented by the Hagan Fine Art gallery in Charleston SC.


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