Linda Lutzai

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Linda Lutzai

United States

At an early age, I began the study of classical arts.  This included drawing and painting, piano and organ, and dance. While receiving formal training in music and ballet, my drawing education came from my father, a cartoonist and design engineer.  He encouraged me to pursue the art forms he was well versed in, though I found much of my time spent in the dance studio.  This eventually led to being a full scholarship college student for ballet.  Upon graduating, I headed to New York and embarked on a career as a professional ballerina.  While spending nearly two decades in NYC's dance studios, on stage and on tour abroad, I continued independently the study of fine arts.  When I had time, I found myself in front of the canvas and even created several commissioned works as well. The longing to capture beauty in permanent form was ever present.


Today, although my daily life is interwoven with dance and music, the primary focus is on art, specifically oil painting.  Under the mentorship of master painter and teacher Todd M. Casey, the journey I had begun with my father has developed into a calling.  For me now, especially painting along with music and dance are all ideal avenues to express my central passion – to create beauty and share knowledge.


When I am not in the art studio – home or otherwise, you can either find me teaching aspiring young dancers or playing classical guitar.  I paint and live in Westchester, New York, with my husband Alfred and my two beloved miniature dachshunds, Romeo and Merlin.

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