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Almudena Mahiques Masip


Almudena Mahiques Masip was born in 1979 in Genovés, a village near Valencia (Spain). She started showing great interest in arts – including painting, music and dance – at a very early age. She studied Artistic Baccalaureate at IES Josep de Ribera (Xàtiva). At the same time, she took advanced lessons of dance and violoncello. She graduated in Fine Arts from the Universitat Politècnica de Valencia (San Carlos School). She completed her pictorial education by attending a drawing workshop taught by Emanuele Descanio, and a painting workshop imparted by Miguel Ángel Moya and Golucho.

Almudena Mahiques has participated in several exhibitions such as:  Proyectos des de la Llotgeta, Obras sociales la CAM (Valencia); ModPortrait Exhibition 2016, Museo Pablo Serrano (Zaragoza); and MEAM (Barcelona). Her works La mirada de Júlia(Julia’s look) and Cor Aurum, radices fortis (Golden heart, strong roots) were exhibited at MEAM’s Mujeres artistas hoy (Female artists of today) in May and April 2018, along with other 37 selected artists. This exhibition, organized by the European Museum of Modern Art (MEAM), had an international impact. 

Her work La mirada de Júlia, a painting of her own daughter, was recognized as a finalist in the prestigious international ARC SALON 12  (Art Renewal Center) in 2016. Similarly, her work Decepción (Disappointment), a self-portrait, was a finalist in ModPotrait 2016 Competition. 

Last year, her work Melancolie (melancholy) has been selected again as a finalist in the ARC SALON 13 exhibition.

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