Jodi Weitzman

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Jodi Weitzman

United States

There are several narratives in each piece working simultaneously. The subject, the content, and the technical narratives are all intertwined. Who is the painting about ? , What Ideas am I using this person or people to speak about ? and , How will I design drawing , color , and facture to coax and cajole the original , and other , possibly oblique ideas which I find relative , along the development and conclusion of the painting , into a cohesive whole.

Painting and drawing are complex and nuanced activities. They have been with me from undergraduate studies at School Visual Arts in NYC, through my teaching career in Montana and Southern California, Graduate work at Laguna College of Art, to the present. I create figures in environments, generating a narrative. I devise color harmonies, expressive factures, compositions, drawings, spaces, and evocative light to explore physicality and consciousness. I am generating an idea of inherent light. The ‘inherent’ light from within each compositional element falls on to each other , developing a wholistic sense of connection. Not separation, distinction, or hierarchy, but unified coexistence. A long time ago I fell in love with ‘Joan of Arc’ painted by Jean Bastien-Lepage which depicts a fused moment of somatically and mindfully heightened awareness. I persist with this amalgamate, seeing my work as an elaboration, producing visual experiential contemplations of beauty, harmony, plea, and possibility.

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