Aron Michael Johnston

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Aron Michael Johnston

United States

b. 1976. Upland, CA


Aron Michael Johnston was born in Upland, CA in 1976 and moved to the Willamette Valley in Oregon as a young child. He picked up the pencil at an early age and quickly developed a love for drawing. After leaving high school Aron spent fifteen years working in the construction industry as an electrician and project manager but continued to draw in his spare time. In 2009 Aron enrolled at Drake University in Des Moines, IA where he earned a BFA in painting in 2013. After graduation Aron moved to Hershey, Pennsylvania where he discovered the drawing techniques of the 19th century French tradition. He began a comprehensive, self-directed course of study of these classical techniques through books and workshops. In 2016 Aron moved back to the Willamette Valley and continues to paint in his beautiful but drafty 19th century studio in downtown Salem, Oregon.

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