Nicholas Baxter

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Nicholas Baxter

United States

Nicholas Baxter’s well-rounded and technically demanding painting style draws from both calssical realism sensibilities and aspects of modern photorealism. Through meticulously rendered and unusual subject matter, his art questions familiar assumptions, attempting to pierce the surface appearances of what we often take for granted, often by employing elements of surrealism and Trompe L'œil illusion.

Nicholas was born in 1981 in New Haven, Connecticut and remained in the area until 2008, when he relocated to Austin, Texas. He attended the Paier College of Art in Hamden CT (Dean’s List) where he learned the basics of sharp-focus still life painting in the classical Trompe L’œil style. He has since attended workshops at Grand Central Atelier in Queens, NY as well as teaching several of his own both in the U.S. and abroad.

Nicholas has shown paintings in various juried and group exhibitions each year since 2003, and has exhibited two solo shows at New York City's Last Rites Gallery (2010, 2012), with his most recent solo show at Sacred Gallery NYC in 2016.

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