Heather Ward

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Heather Ward

United States

After several years of working with graphite and charcoal, I started seeing scratchboard on several of the art websites I had joined. I liked the striking contrast of it, but it looked intimidating. I finally bit the bullet and got a starter tool set and a few small boards. To this day, I prefer scratchboard over every other medium I've tried.

The high-contrast nature of scratchboard seems to bring drawings to life, and animals in particular are well-suited to scratchboard because of the techniques used to remove the black ink from the white clay-coated board. It is no wonder, then, that I love this medium.

While I do enjoy drawing any type of animal, recently I have been expanding into art that creates awareness of poaching, global climate disruption, and other human-related causes of species extinction, and shifting my focus to lesser-known species.

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