Gustavo Ramos

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Gustavo Ramos

United States

Gustavo Ramos (b. 1993 Paraná, Brazil) is a realist painter with interest in modernist design and the figure. Though academically trained, the manner in which the artist creates space is much more akin to the visual concepts that modernists like Hopper, de Chirico and Morandi were addressing. But in contrast, Ramos's focus lies on the figure. His interest in the human form arises from his experiences as a Brazilian immigrant moving to the United States with no English fluency. This non-verbal period refined Ramos's sensitivity to the subtleties of facial and other physical expressions, which now play a major role in his paintings.

​Gustavo Ramos is a three-time recipient of the Western Heritage Museum’s Stacey Scholarship. His work has been featured in several publications, including The Artist’s Magazine, International Drawing Annual, and Southwest Art which named him one of 21 "Young Artists to Buy Now." Ramos currently resides and maintains a studio in Phoenix AZ.

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