Vanessa Lemen

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Vanessa Lemen

United States

Vanessa Lemen is a painter who lives and works in Carlsbad, CA. Her work has shown in galleries and exhibitions internationally, and is in private collections internationally as well. She is represented by Rehs Contemporary Galleries in NYC.  With eight paintings exclusively published in the new Illustrated Limited Edition of The Left Hand Of Darkness by Ursula K. LeGuin (Easton Press/MBI, Inc) released in 2018, her work has also been published in such art books as Spectrum, Women of Wonder, The Journal, and Infected By Art. She has also been featured in articles in magazines such as American Art Collector, Painter, ImagineFX, Poets And Artists, and San Diego Home/Garden Lifestyles magazine. Vanessa also writes monthly columns for the Muddy Colors blog, and has been interviewed by the One Fantastic Week webcast, Swain Hunt's Starting Bloq, and Brent Watkinson's Everyday Artist podcast. Her recent work has earned her awards in publications such as Infected By Art, as well as Art Renewal Center's ARC Salon, and participation in the International ARC Salon Exhibition. She and her husband, Ron, together run an online program,, instructing art and mentoring artists, as well as instructing at workshops in various locations across the US.

Described through metaphorical imagery, it's excerpts from her personal journey and reflection that she credits most as the inspiration for her work, and rolling with the unexpected as the very nature of her process. Each piece she creates seems to come from a chaos, and in it, she is able to create a place of reflection and curiosity, a balance of the deep-seated and the unknown, with areas of rest and of movement that intertwine to form a calm amid the chaos.

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