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Connie L Reilly

United States

Connie Lynn Reilly American Realist

Native Atlanta, Georgia Artist Connie Lynn Reilly started at an early age with an innate desire to bring her subjects to life with her art. connie's ability to draw along with her painting skills, continues to impess those who view her lifelike painted images of children and adults, wherhter portrayed in a formal portrait or narratie composition. Her portraits reflect both the otuward and inner beauty of her subjects. Her use of color and detail portray emotion through each tiny line in a face or glimmer in an eye. Her style has been influenced by classical realists and french impressionists. Her distinct style of portraiture has become highly recognized.

Connie's art work is in numerous private, public and museum colletions including the Booth Museum, Tennessee Tech University, Atlanta History Cener, Texas Tech., St Josepheys Hospital in Atlanta, The Royal Palace of bahrain, Museum of Church History of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and others. 

She has been featured guest on local and national TV Shows.

In 2012 She was honored with the award o"Artist of the Year" by the American Society of Pen Women. Her work has won numerous National and International Awards.

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