Ron Hicks

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Ron Hicks

United States

Ron Hicks was born in Columbus, Ohio but spent most of his childhood growing up in

the modest and friendly neighborhood of Park Hill in Denver, Colorado.  Ron Always knew he would be an artist.


Ron's family later relocated back to Ohio where, during his high school, he was awarded

several awards and honors for various art shows and competitions. His talent became

obvious and noted throughout his high school career and Ron was awarded a full

scholarship to Columbus College of Art and Design in Columbus, OH. He later returned

to Denver and subsequently earned a degree in Advertising Design from the Colorado Institute of Art.


After college, Ron applied his degree and natural talent to working for Ad agencies,

Magazines and as a Freelance Illustrator. He would soon realize his true passion, and

Ron's natural talent and his eye for beauty encouraged a shift in the direction of his style

of painting.


"I see things very abstractly, so I think of myself as a painter who sees shape, value, edges and texture.  I like to romanticize life. I love the interaction of people doing...'things' -- whatever it is. It could be the most mundane thing to any passer-by, but I find great beauty in that." Ron Hicks


Hicks creates beautiful and timeless pieces with such fluidity and movement that it takes the viewer on an emotional journey where you feel like you can insert yourself into the subject matter of any of his paintings.


"I can't imagine not painting...not creating. If I'm not painting, creating, sharing my gift and seeing the beauty of life everyday, then what's the point?" Ron Hicks


In recent years Ron finds his path leading him in a new direction.  Hicks combines a unique visual language adding the depth of abstraction to his figurative bodies.  For Hicks this intersection makes a very deliberate and aesthetic artistic statement to be sure.  One that brings forth these moments of unique character that further extend our own understanding of his visual language. Unifying and commingling poetic lines and gentle mass-forms in a painted world only this artist can bring



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