Bayasgalan Batmagnai

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Bayasgalan Batmagnai

United States

I am a classically trained figurative sculptor. In 2007 I began my professional studies at The Academy of Art University, San Francisco, CA. Two years later, I was accepted to study at the Sculpture Program at The Florence Academy of Art (FAA) in Florence, Italy. Following my studies at FAA I completed a Certificate program in ‘Sculpture, Theology and the Arts’ at the Sacred Art School in Florence. I have received grants, including a FAA scholarship in my second year and the Art Renewal Centre (ARC) first place scholarship award (2012) which enabled me to complete my final year at FAA. My studies at the Sacred Art School were assisted through participation in Commission work for the Church, and contribution to program development and teaching.

My portrait works were chosen to be exhibited by The Society of Portrait Sculptors, UK (FACE 2014, 51st Annual Exhibition, Sladmore Gallery, London). I participated in my first group exhibition in 2014 at Studio 108, Florence, Italy and am currently working towards my first solo exhibition (2018). In 2017 & 2018 I was honored to be a finalist in the ARC International Salon Competitions. 

The passion for sculpting that I have developed over the last years has turned into a wonderful and fulfilling obsession which now feels unimaginable to live without. It’s very difficult to describe what’s happening to me when I sculpt but the sheer contact with clay turns my hands into a living-tool capable of seeing, transforming and creating. Sometimes it’s an overwhelming feeling of elation and pure happiness, other times it’s frustrating as it stumbles upon all sorts of obstacles related to continuous learning and understanding the “subject of my creation”. 

I’m a devoted and passionate human being which I believe is a great advantage to what I do. The last years I have devoted myself to learning how to sculpt and everything I received was vital. I feel like I’ve inherited a great deal of knowledge that is being passed from century to century, generation to generation and however “old” it may be it’s very much alive. I hope my work reflects what I am saying.

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