Arezou Nik-Ahd

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Arezou Nik-Ahd

United States


Arezou was born in Tehran 1978, She started painting at the age 15 and she was always being encouraged in art by her mother. In 1998 Arezou entered the Art University and graduated four years later in the field of painting. Meanwhile, she started to learn painting from Iman Maleki at Ara Painting Studio.

One of her artworks has been published in the book of the Iranian Contemporary Painters. In 2008, she established her own studio “Daricheh” for training children and young adults.

She has participated in several exhibitions in Iran such as:

2002- Group Exhibition of Kara Studio at Sa’ad Abad Palace.

2012-Group Exhibition of Ara Studio Painting at Barg Gallery.

Some of her artworks have been published in “Libro Anuario” and “Arte Y Librated X” and “Leonardo” in 2013 to 2017.

She has also participated in several exhibitions in Barcelona and Zaragoza from 2013 to 2017.

In 2013, her colored-pencil artwork “Expectation” and in 2017 her oil color artwork “Anxious” have been selected as the best tenth artwork in “Modportrait” Competition Spain.

In 2017 her oil color artwork “Sunset” has been selected as the cover of “Leonardo” book.

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