Nancy Hines

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Nancy Hines

United States

Trained in the Classic traditionin Florence, Italy as well as throughout public school and universities in the US, my work has had many influences.  It will, no doubt, have many more as I move through this marvelous existence called life.

I grew up a Marine brat and lived mainly in Virginia, California, and Texas.  All are very different cultures while fitting beautifully into the delightful unity that is America.  I earned my Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of Texas in Music with voice as my principal instrument.  My teaching certificate in art and theater was earned at Sam Houston State University.  I am a graduate of the prestigious atelier Angel Academy of Art and hold a Master of Fine Arts degree from Azusa Pacific University.

My most adventurous employment took me to the bombing ranges of Naval Air Station Fallon in Nevada where I dug up bombs, recycled metals from the explosive remains, and built targets for the Top Gun pilots who train there.  The current year finds me in Cypress, Texas creating art and teaching young adults to do the same.


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