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Christophe Vacher

United States

Christophe Vacher is a two-time Emmy Award Winner and two-time Annie Award Nominee who has provided artwork for the Animation industry and most major Hollywood Studios since 1989 as a painter, designer and Art Director, while developing his personal work for Art galleries.

He worked on movies such as The Hunchback of Notre-Dame, Tarzan, Fantasia 2000, Dinosaur, Treasure Planet, Shark Tale, Enchanted, 9”, Despicable Me and Hasbro’s Transformers TV series.

Originally French, he currently lives in California. His personal paintings can be seen permanently in several galleries and collections in Europe and the United States. 

He is California’s Ambassador for the worldwide organization “Mondial Art Academia,” and his painting “Northern Shores” was auctioned and sold at Christie’s Paris in 2015.

He has given Art lectures at numerous events and universities across the US and France, including the San Francisco Academy of Arts, the University of California in Berkeley and the California State University of Northridge.

The style of Christophe’s personal imagery is shaped mainly by what is called today Contemporary Imaginative Realism, a style which inherits from a wide variety of classical painting schools, including the European Symbolists, Art Nouveau and Art Deco. He is also inspired by classical schools like the Hudson River School, The American Realists, The great American Illustrators, The Romantics and more contemporary artists like Sandorfi, Beksinski, Ugarte and The Visionaries (Les Visionnaires) in France.


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