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David Mueller

United States

About David Mueller

David Makes his home in the greater Cincinnati area, in a peaceful location of Northern Ky  Since 1989, he has been creating renderings for many private and corporate collectors, including gubernatorial portraits that hang in the Ohio State capital. With collectors internationally, Mueller has been accepted into and won awards in numerous national and regional exhibitions including The Art Renewal Center, Oil Painters of America and Viewpoint (Cincinnati Art Club). His work has appeared on the cover of The Artists Magazine and in many regional print, television, and radio outlets. In 2009, David rendered a Christmas ornament that was displayed on the White House Christmas tree. Mueller has taught oil painting/drawing to numerous students both privately and in regional workshops. He has been sharing his knowledge of "Sophisticated Fundamentals" by paying forward concepts that he gleaned from numerous educational, peer group and historic inspirations.

His work can be viewed at www.davidmuellerfineart.com



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