Sinisha Kashawelski

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Sinisha Kashawelski

Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of

Sinisha Stefanovikj KASHAWELSKI

Born in 1969 in Kumanovo, Macedonia,   graduated the College of Applied Arts in Skopje, Macedonia and also the same university's Faculty of Fine Arts. He is a member of DLUM (National Artists Association of Macedonia), Societe des Artistes Français, Société Du Salon D’automne - Paris,   member and Ambassador at Mondial Art Academia  and the author of many solo projects and exhibitions.

    My  works have received international awards including the Konstantin Mazev Award, a Medaille de Bronze and Medaille d`Argent by Salon des Artistes Français, Grand Palais, Paris, as well as two Gold Medals by Salon des Artistes Français and Salon National des Beaux-Arts in Paris, the 1st Place Award by Palm Art award in Germany and 1st Absolute Prize in the Paintings section, Marchionni Prize, Italy, TOP 10 Artist of the Year    Award from Circle Foundation  / France  and  1st PRIZE WINNER of  Art Expo Venice 2018, Golden Medal of Merit and Contribution to Art in 2018 by French 'Société Académique' Arts-Sciences-Lettres

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