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Yang Dong


Dong Yang: Professional sculptor, born in 1967,  graduated from Central Academy of Art in Beijing in 1995; 

Dong Yang was deeply influenced by the sculptures displayed at grandparents’ house and inspired by the western art. He started the journey of professional sculptor He has been in sculpture for 40 years. 

His art work has been collected by the privates, museum and art professionals. Back in 1998, Shanghai Sports Art Exhibition “Unchained” has been collected by Chairman of the International Olympic Committee Mr. Juan Samaranch. 

The scultpure "The Folks" he made was displayed at the entrance of the most famous and busiest pedestrain walk of Shanghai Nanjing Road.  His artwork "Jump" was selected by Shanghai Longines Equestrianism Sculpture as trophy for the champions. 

Dong Yang's art work have been selected by the Art Prizes and exhibition Nation wide and abroad. He is the member of China National Artist Association and  National Urban Sculpture Committee.  

The most recent (2018), his artwork "Taking Flight" won "the Outstanding Sculpture award" of Salmagundi Club. And his artwork "Fearless" has been selected for exhibition by America Allied Artist in 2018 as well. 

He had won the following awards and his art works have been selected as following details: 

1997       Shanghai Sculpture Exhibition, works of “HENG” “Fighting” and “Transcend” art works had been selected for exhibition

1997       Shanghai Sport Art Exhibition “Unchained” and awarded for “Outstanding Work for Public Sculpture”

1998      Shanghai Sports Art Exhibition “Unchained” has been collected by Chairman of the International Olympic Committee Mr. Juan Samaranch

2001       National Olympic Sports Sculpture “The Clock” and was awarded as “Outstanding Work”

2001      Shanghai Art Exhibition “No Title” was selected for the exhibition

2002      “The Beautiful Lion” Sculpture was created and have been awarded by the Shanghai Pudong Development Bank cross nation wide

2003      “The Folks” was selected and displayed at the entrance of the Shanghai Nanjing Pedestrian walk

2004 White Horses of Twelve Designed and commissioned award by Shanghai urbanization planning committee, located in Shanghai Yan An West Road and Yili Road

2005 Shanghai Art Exhibition “Shoulder inward” and was awarded by Shanghai Sports Authority

2005 The Sixth National Sports Exposition “De Lu” and was awarded

2006 The Horizon Painting and Sculpture Exposition “The Gap” 2007 The First Shanghai International Steel Sculpture “Drink”

2007 The World Expo of the Urban Shanghai theme “The Outline”

2008 The Shanghai Longines Equestrianism Sculpture “The Jump” was created and selected as trophy for the champion design

2001 – 2012 The Public Art Sculptures created and located in various places nationwide, i.e. in Guangdong, Gansu, Hubei, Zhejiang, Fujian and Shanghai, collected by hotels (J.W Marriot, Hilton, Starwood etc.) companies, banks, cities, museums and private collections

2010       The Sixth Shanghai Art Exposition, Shanghai International Sculpture Exposition “White Horse”

2011 – 2018 Focus on shelf Art sculpture creation and attended various Art Expo 

2017 Individual Art work exhibition in Beijing Art Fair and received the public warmly welcome

May 20th 2018 Individual Art Work exhibition in Hangzhou Art Fair and received very good comments from public and art works have been collected by the art work lovers

Nov 10th 2018 Shanghai Art Fair – Individual art work exhibition

2018  Artwork “Taking Flight" won the "outstanding sculpture Award" of the Salmagundi Club

2018 Artwork "Fearless" was selected by Allied America Artist


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