Terry Ward

14th Annual ARC Salon (2019-2020)

Terry Ward

United Kingdom

After a long career in business management, I started to take art lessons as a hobby. Although it started life as leisure, I have always wanted to do it very competently. During the course of my art trainings, I practised in oil, acrylics, watercolour, pastel, as well as mixed media under various tutors. The tutors encouraged me to use different mediums, but oil has always been my favourite medium by far. In the early stage, my works were much influenced by Russian art as my tutor was from St. Petersburg Academy of Art. Copying Impressionist masters' works including Renoir, Manet, Repin, Mary Cassatt, and Zhukovsky when using vibrant colours and painting with expressive brushstrokes were often practised. I have also received different artistic trainings in figures, still lifes, and landscapes at The Royal Drawing School. Courses such as Challenging Interiors when I drew extraordinary large pictures at 100x70 in. of very spacious public places including St Paul's Cathedral and The Natural History Museum in London, while Drawing/Painting by the River took me to various artistic spots by The Thames to capture the atmosphere. Life drawing with Perspectives enabled me to study figures at different viewing angles and different correlations to other subjects in the same surrounding. I have also studied portrait courses at The Heatherly School of Art where natural light was used most of the time for sittings.

Despite the encouragement to draw in a more interpretative style and to paint in a looser and bolder fashion, I found myself very drawn to classical pictures. The luminosity of flesh tones, the subtlety of light transitions, and the exuberance of silk clothings in museum paintings have always captured my attention for hours. With more and more trainings, it became apparent that an academic curriculum designed to train classical and realist art skills is necessary to take myself to produce works in realism style. So I started to take representational art training at London Atelier of Resentational Art. Subsequently, I attended Barnes Atelier of Art, London, to receive more intensive training.

In the recent two years, it has been encouraging to find both my drawings and paintings were accepted and exhibited at a number of reputable institutions i the U.K. including The Royal Society of Portrait Painters, Royal Institute of Oil Painters (both at the Mall Galleries, London), The Royal Scottish Academy of Art (Edinburgh), The Royal West o0f England Academy of Art (Bristol), and The Artist Magazine. It was also gratifying that I received awards from these exhibitions.

At the moment, I may not want to focus in one area only as portraits, still lifes, and landscapes are all very attractive to me. However, I would like to see that no matter what the subject matter is, my pictures should always evoke feelings and thoughts with the viewers.

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