LaQuincey Reed

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LaQuincey Reed

United States

I have always enjoyed the expressiveness that an artist can capture in the human figure. I began as a painter and was introduced to sculpting in my undergraduate at the University of Oklahoma. After graduation, I worked for a sculptor on the Oklahoma Landrun Monument for 6 years. During my time in college and work with on the monument I became increasingly interested in sculpting and began my path as a sculptor.

Sculptors like John Quincy Adams Ward, Daniel Chester French and salon painters from the 19th century highly influence my work. Their technique inspires me to achieve excellence in finish and nuance in my work. Additionally, their technique and imagery; which is often inspired by the idyllic and ancient, provides a timeless intimacy that I seek in my own work.
My sculpture uses the human figure as an allegory and the personification of abstract concepts. People relate to the figure easily and tapping into this familiarity allows an artist to display a wide array of emotions that broaden the communication between the artist and the viewer. Through my work, I want the viewer to be able to recall their own experiences and develop new connections to a visual representation.

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