Richard Boyer

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Richard Boyer

United States

After completing his BFA at the University of Utah in 1981, Richard Boyer lived in Germany where he studied language at the Universitaet Kiel. With Kiel as a home base, he traveled throughout Europe, Africa and the Middle East. He departed from Kiel in 1984 to pursue a Bohemian lifestyle with other German artists, painting the harsh reality of a city trapped behind the iron curtain. This exposure provided a rich backdrop for experimentation in painting styles.


Boyer divides his time between Utah and Sweden, the native home of his wife, Karin. He travels frequently throughout Europe and America and is forever searching for a new locations and intriguing subject matter. His landscapes reflect a traditional approach to oil painting, but are enhanced by a rich, textural quality. “Painting for me has been and always will be a lifelong journey of learning. As I see objects and record my ideas on the canvas, I realize there is so much more to painting than merely applying the pigment to the surface according to a preconceived formula. There is a learning process I am experiencing from one painting to the next, a quest for knowledge to know the subject on which I am working.”

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