Gayle Levee

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Gayle Levee

United States

Gayle Levée is a third-generation artist whose classical training began during childhood.

Her parents were both artists, as was her grandfather. Levée majored in painting at the University of Denver. While still in school, she supported herself on sales of her art in galleries in Taos, Santa Fe and Estes Park. In her early twenties, she moved East.


In New England, Gayle joined the Copley Society and studied under Robert Douglas Hunter. Her new work was quickly recognized by galleries in Boston, on Cape Cod, in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont and the Central South. Collectors from coast to coast have bought her work, which has won awards throughout the United States.


Levée's workshops in the Boston School of painting have been featured in American Artist magazine. She conducts an atelier program in Nashville and Franklin. She has also produced, through Legacy Learning Systems, a digital instructional set of ten dvds and a full color book. Through this effort, Levée has taught students worldwide.


Levee has served as president of the Chestnut Group, has served as juror over the years, and has been accepted into the Hudson River show at the Salmagundi Club. Recently her work was featured in American Art Review.


Her work is currently available through Bayview Galleries Maine, Powers Gallery Acton Mass., Bryan Memorial Gallery Vermont, Richland Gallery Nashville, and the Design Center, Boston



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