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Mart Sander


Mart Sander is an Estonian singer, actor, director, author, artist, and television host.

In his youth, Mart Sander studied violin and conducting. He started singing in the choir of the Estonian National Opera at the age of eighteen. At the age of nineteen, Sander and swing orchestra Modern Fox won a talent competition in Moscow, the band toured both in Soviet Union and Europe.

Sander has written stage plays, where he often stars himself, such as Behind the Random Denominator which was presented to the New York audience in 2015 and The Bughouse, which premiered in Washington DC in 2018.

The film version of his one man horror drama Behind the Random Denominator became Sander's directorial debut feature. The film premiered at the Haapsalu horror and fantasy film festival HÕFF. The same festival presented his latest film Actually in 2018. This film won the Award of Excellence at the Global Shorts Film Festival in LA, USA in September 2018 and was awarded The Best Horror Short at the Venice RAGFF Film Festival in December 2018. In January, 2019, the film received two awards from Cinema World Fest Awards.

As of 2018 Sander has written six novels in Estonian and English. Sander's novel Litsid (The Whores) became a best seller in Estonia. Sander has created, scripted and directed a historical drama series based on this trilogy. It premiered on Estonia's TV3 in February 2018. According to the IMDB (Internet Movie Database), The Whores is the highest rated TV series ever produced in Estonia.

His first solo exhibition took place in Tallinn in July and August 2008, followed by similar exhibitions in 2009 and 2010. He opened his own art gallery in 2007 in the center of Tallinn. He has also had personal exhibitions in Moscow and Saint Petersburg. His painting Urban Hunter made it to the finals of the 10th Annual ARC Salon (2013-2014), the largest and most prestigious competition in the western world for realist artists.

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