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Rubén Belloso Adorna


Rubén Belloso was born in Seville in 1986. He has a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Seville, specializing in painting. He won the prize for the best university record.

In the exhibitions field, and with only 32 years, he has made countless collective exhibitions, both national and international. He has exhibited individually in half of Europe, receiving awards and prizes at an international level. His work is in private art collections in America, Asia, Africa and Europe. His work has been published in numerous media around the world, whether in newspapers, radio and TV.

 In Rome he had the opportunity to show his work together with great masters of art history such as Ernst Ludwig Kirchner or André Derain.

 He is President of the Association of Italian pastellists (PASIT) Founded in July 2014. They made his first national exhibition in July 2015 with great success and the I International Pastel Exhibition in Italy in October 2017, in which a large part of the best pastellists in the world today.  

He has collaborated with the most recognized brands of pastels in the world such as Girault, Sennelier, Henri Roche and Caran d'Ache to create his “Portrait” selections. Since 2016 he is the global ambassador of Caran d'Ache for his range of pastels. Guest of Honor for Pastellistes de France Association (1885) in Feytiat in 2015. Artists as  Degas and Mary Cassat, among others, were members of Pastellistes de France.  Also in France, in 2017, he had the honor of being the first living painter to hold an individual exhibition at the Antoine Lecuyer Museum (Saint Quentin), where the work of the so-called "Prince of the Pastellists"  

Awarded in the 12th and 13th edition of the Art Renewal Center Salon in 2017 and 2018. Due to this recognition, he has exhibited his work at the Salmagundi Club (5th Avenue) New York, Sothebys, in Los Angeles and  MEAM (Museu Europeu d' Art Modern) in Barcelona.

Won the "The Kenneth Wellner Memorial Award" at the 46th Pastel Society of America, Annual Exhibition in 2018, Exhibiting the award-winning work at the National Arts Club, New York and the Butler Institute of American Art, Ohio 2018/2019.

For years he has been asked to hold Masterclasses and workshops on his pastel technique all over the world


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