Vince Natale

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Vince Natale

United States

I've been creating illustrations and fine art professionally since 1985.

I attended the School of Visual Arts in New York City, and graduated from the DuCret School of Art in Plainfield, New Jersey. I've  been a multi-genre illustrator of book covers & interiors, magazines, institutional, and advertising projects.

My work has spanned the range of Horror , Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Fashion, Romance, Portraiture, Mystery and Adventure; although I've always favored darker, more fantastical, and mysterious qualities to incorporate into my work.

In recent years I've been compelled to express my own visions, beyond the confines and whims of the illustration market at large; so I began the  journey of establishing myself in the gallery/fine art side of the art world.

I've received numerous awards for both my commercial and fine art work, and have been represented in The Society of Illustrators of New York, and Los Angeles, as well as Spectrum Fantastic Art and the Art Renewal Center's Annual competition and books... among a bunch of other illustration and fine art publications.

Though my personal work is derived, mostly, from emotion and abstract thoughts, my purpose is to present imagery that doesn't necessarily interpret or define, but to stimulate thoughts and feelings in others.
I think if I attempt to interpret or define, I limit the potential meaning of the work, not only to my audience, but to myself.

I think a work should show enough, on the surface, to draw a viewer's attention and then hopefully compel them to investigate further and deeper, beyond the surface for a more complete and fulfilling experience into "something else".

On the other hand, sometimes it's fun just to paint or draw a "pretty"  or an "ugly" picture.

In conjunction with my picture making activities, I'm formerly a drawing instructor at the historic Woodstock School of Art in Woodstock, NY, but now hold classes at my home/studio.

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