Stephen Perkins

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Stephen Perkins

United States

Stephen Perkins grew up in the United States and in the former Yugoslavia. He started his art training at a young age and has studied with some of the best figurative sculptors, painters, draughtsmen and anatomists in the United States. Among these were Walker Hancock, Henry Hensche, Leslie Posey, Deane Keller, Nelson Shanks and Cedric Egeli. 

He has recieved awards and scholarships from the National Sculpture Society, Art Renewal Center, National Portrait Society among others. His teaching career has included The New York Academy of Art, Janus Collaborative School of Art, Academy of Art University, St. Johns College, Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts as well as workshops in the United States and Europe. He presently teaches at Studio Incamminati in Philadelphia. Stephen maintains a studio/home on the east coast of Florida. 

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