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Audrey Champoux


I was born and raised in Montreal, a city that is continuously evolving artistically. After an incident in 2014, I discovered my passion for the arts during my rehabilitation. Since then, I have studied various art media under Romina Sol Catanzaro at the Montreal Academy of Fine Arts. In 2016 I was asked to start teaching professionally. 

During my training, I have developed an interest in the Baroque movement for its mysterious, unstable and irregular characters. Synonymous of life and its multiple transitions, it opposes to our current mode, tending towards cleanliness, order, and conformity. The Möbius strip, also known as the twisted cylinder, embodies the philosophy in which I approach life with a search for balance through continuity of tension and calm.

The theatrical sense of Baroque combined with a hint of humor summarizes the angle presented in the Door to Erebus. Under the theme of dreams and death, it’s an attempt to make the subject accessible, approachable or even attractive. As a professor of artistic anatomy at the Academy, I learned the fundamentals of anatomy during my studies in physical therapy. On this basis, I try to create links between the physical body and its often contradictory coexistence with its spirit. 

Continuing on the dream theme, the Blue Crescent is a link between the physical world and a metaphysical space. It was during a trip to the Middle East that I was moved by the discovery of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and its unique creation. Built by a collectivity between 1996 and 2007 in a world mainly characterized by individualism, it is a feat of architecture and craftsmanship in the service of transcendence, its elusive opponent.

These three aspects together with my imagination represent my current approach to landscape, still life and figuration.

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