Lori Shorin

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Lori Shorin

United States

Lori is a figurative sculptor whose work is inspired by the quiet moments of contact between two or more people that express an inner connection. In the past six years, she has created compositions of figures of different faiths having a shared experience; the mother of Buddha breast-feeding baby Moses in Manna from Heaven, for example. 

In addition to her studio practice, Lori teaches undergraduate students at The School of Visual Art in New York City and holds periodic workshop at the Art Students League of New York. She received a Certificate of Sculpture at The Florence Academy of Art, MFA, University of Pennsylvania, and BFA from SUNY Binghamton.


Lori’s work has been exhibited in the following venues: The Museu Europeu d'Art (MEAM), Arnot Museum of Art, USC Fisher Museum of Art, Sirona Fine Art,  Jacobi Medical Center Atrium, NY, Brookgreen Gardens, Principle Gallery, Richard Massey Foundation, Grenning Gallery, ARC Salon, Islip Art Museum, and the Mariposa Museum.


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