Laura Atkins

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Laura Atkins

United States

Laura Atkins was born in the Detroit area in 1961. And after a career as a Surgical Nurse, she is now gaining notoriety as a self-taught Artist. The distinctive paintings of Laura's portray the unnatural world with a sense of romance and mystery. It is also said that her work presents an uncomfortable mix of nostalgia and lamentation of mythological expression. Adding further complexity to the diverse interpretations of her work, she blurs the line between truth and fiction by using old masters techniques. She creates visual illusions to trick the eye into perceiving a painted detail as three-dimensional to reveal a convincing perspective of an imagined place or time.

Laura's pensive paintings are rife with both unseen and deeply felt forces: seemingly paradoxical impulses that are integral to her work. Though quite a few of her paintings contain recognizable elements, she's just as influenced by metaphors as she is by today's news.

Laura has collectors in the U.S. and has shown her work in the U.S. and Europe.


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