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Hans Guerin

United States

Hans Guerin’s bold exaggerations of life are presented in an array of genre including still-life, figure, animal subject, and  pure landscape. Mr. Guerin’s eclectic portfolio relates his keen observations of his reality into artwork. To implement into his drawings and paintings, Hans creates an array of hand-crafted materials including his substrates, ground pigment, and medium.

Hans Guerin’s hard work has rewarded him with his acceptance into and awards from some of the most exclusive international and domestic exhibitions.  Images and articles featuring Mr. Guerin’s artwork have been included in many major Books and Magazines. Outside of the juried exhibitions, original Guerin oils can be found at the prestigious Dog and Horse Fine Art and Portraiture in Charleston, SC, Marine Arts Gallery in Marblehead, MA, and the gallery of the Schuler School of Fine Arts in Baltimore, MD.

While born into a family that made him among the sixth consecutive generation of artists, Mr. Guerin did little artwork until after earning his Bachelor’s degree from Salisbury University in 2000. He then injected his lust for knowledge and perseverance into his family’s Atelier, the Schuler School of Fine Arts. There, Hans was taught a multi-disciplinary approach requiring him to learn the interconnectivity of the various fine art media and learned to fashion the most suitable materials in their execution from scratch.  Currently, Hans Guerin acts as a teacher and Assistant director at the Schuler School. As an artist and instructor of acclaim, Hans exudes the qualities taught to him and extends them with experiments in artistic expression and technique.


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