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Joshua Langstaff

United States

Joshua Langstaff has always been drawn to representational painting. “Abstraction has its value”, says Langstaff, “but to me painting is at its best when pictorial construction, in an abstract sense, is married with the magical illusion of naturalism. I think a sense of realism allows a deeper emotional response from the viewer, and that is what I am interested in.” Langstaff’s work ranges across traditional genres and themes. On one easel he might have a serene landscape while on another a chilling murder scene.

Langstaff studied traditional painting techniques with Juliette Aristides in her acclaimed Classical Atelier at the Gage Academy of Art in Seattle. He has studied with other master representational painters including Anthony Ryder, Michael Grimaldi and Steven Assael. He was also a member of Jacob Collins’ Hudson River Fellowship for its first two years.

In 2009, Joshua was named one of “21 Under 31, Artists to Collect Now” by Southwest Art Magazine. His work has been featured in The Artist’s Magazine and in several art instructional books including: Lessons in Classical Drawing: Essential Techniques from Inside the Atelier by his former teacher Juliette Aristides

Langstaff is a two time recipient of the Stacey Foundation Grant for representational artists. His work was selected as a finalist in the Art Renewal Center Salon in the Figurative and Still Life categories. In addition to receiving many portrait commissions, his work has been shown at galleries throughout the United States and abroad. He is represented by the Steel Door Gallery in Portland, Oregon.

A native of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, Joshua now lives in Portland, Oregon. When not painting, Joshua enjoys hiking and exploring the coast and mountains of his adopted home with his wife Anna, their young son, and their dog Copley.

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