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Denisa Prochazka


Denisa Prochazka is an award winning Canadian artist living in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

She is a classically trained figurative sculptor with a passion for portrait sculpture and figurative clay reliefs.

Denisa was born in the Czech Republic and grew up playing with clay in her mother's ceramic studio. Her mother was her first inspiration, muse and guide. When her family immigrated to Canada at the age of thirteen, she continued her studies in fine art and sculpture, graduating from O.C.A.D University in Toronto. She was selected to complete her final year in Florence, Italy, where she experienced a life changing moment witnessing the awe-inspiring work of Michelangelo, who's sculptures had a tremendous influence of her sense of mastery. Her early childhood experience and love of clay led her back to this medium where she felt a complete freedom of expression through its tactile movement and flexibility, expressing feminine softness and high level of control, manifesting her visions into reality.


Denisa has attracted many special commissions and top awards for her artwork. She has participated in over thirty exhibitions and her sculptures reside in private collections in Canada and USA. She has been commissioned to create Awards of Excellence for the Nelson Mandela Legacy and Ottawa University BHM, Women Excellence Awards, Guinean Excellence Awards and Women Who Work Excellence Awards. Manhattan Arts International has awarded her with the Featured Artist Art Award, Second Place Special Recognition Arts Award, and an Award of Excellence.

Denisa is currently an Associate Member of the National Sculpture Society in New York, Allied Artists of America, and an Artist Member of The Healing Power of Art & Artists, New York, USA and a member of The Guide Artists.

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