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Lucas Rañola


Lucas was born November 19, 1959 to Eufemio G. Rañola and Angela T. Cabahug in Mateo, Kidapawan City. He took up his Elementary Education in Masawang Elementary School , Calinan, Davao City and finished High School at Rizal Memorial Colleges. Lucas attended college at the Ford Academy of the Arts at Ladislawa Village, Davao City. He supported his schooling by creating Cinema Ads in his residency in Davao City. It was his vast experience in cinema Ads within 29 years, which allowed him to perfect his craft as an Artist.

In the early stage of being an Artist, he began doing portraits, landscape, still life and genre scenes. At some point, he realized that he was greatly influenced by modern artist, especially Manansala. Through time, it was clear that his true calling as an Artist was to focus on being a Realist Painter. His career move was highly obvious due to the fact that technology overcame cinema ads in 2005. This was about the time when he finally decided to concentrate on his artistry.

Having used all kinds of materials, he has narrowed his preference to oils and acrylics. He basically wanted to emulate the works and style of Mr. Romulo Galicano. Lucas gains his inspiration from the experiences he encounters in his everyday life. He uses these kinds of influences in order to motivate himself in creating canvases on landscapes and still life’s. Whenever Lucas is motivated to paint on canvas, he always executes it with virtues of sincerity and dedication.

The Artist has been participating in group shows since 1979 and up to this day. He remains active in being a part of these events. After years of struggling as an Artist, he was finally able to mount his first One-Man Show at the AVON Office in Davao City. At this point in his life, Lucas definitely wishes to do more in the arts scene in order to have a prosperous career ahead of him.

* This statement has been provided directly by the artist in association to their 14th International ARC Salon entries. This content has not been edited for typos or grammatical errors and has not been vetted for accuracy.