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Thomas Kegler

United States

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“There’s as much beauty in a dead tree as in a live one.” Thomas Kegler’s observation,
shared in a Drawing cover-story, embodies the confident humility that has influenced his growing volume of work, considered to be among the most influential of our time. An internationally renowned artist, Thomas is a self-taught realist painter, accomplished 

producer and champion of future artists, young and old(er). The wilds of New York state
and a close-knit family of designers and entrepreneurs shaped an early love of the outdoors
and art. Tying flies in Alaska’s backcountry cemented pursuit of a life path illuminated by
sunlight more often than lamp light. 

His traditional oil paintings showcase the ethereal beauty of landscape, figure and still life.
Drawing on the Masters’ approach to canvas, plein air techniques and a deep Catholic faith,
his work celebrates creation’s grandeur and mystery through careful attention to the
often-overlooked subtleties.  

Thomas is recognized as: an Associate Living Master by the Art Renewal Center; a Master Roycroft Artisan; member of the NYC Salmagundi Club; Painting Instructor for the Grand Central Academy in New York City; and Senior Fellow with the Hudson River Fellowship. His work is showcased in galleries, collections and publications worldwide, including the American Arts Quarterly. He lives in Western New York with his children.



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