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Jason Morgan

United States

Growing up in rural, southeast Texas, there wasn’t much support for exploring the arts. While I knew I always wanted to be an artist, I was also “good with my hands” so the expectation was that I would become a mechanic. I joined the Marines soon after high school in the hopes of seeing a bit of life outside my hometown first. There I was surprised to learn I could eventually get training as a graphic artist but an injury cut short my time in the service and I had to seek out other avenues. 

In the various entry-level graphic design jobs I held in the following years, I was fortunate to have a couple of mentors who encouraged me to try painting. My real training came during a period of painting old master reproductions for an interior designer. This experience gave me the confidence to finally pursue painting full time.

About ten years ago in the midst of a tanking economy and demand evaporating for the traditional commissioned portraits I had been painting for the prior decade, I was challenged by a local gallery owner to attempt a still life for a change. She was kind to suggest it, not wanting to see me starve, but I couldn’t imagine anyone dying to see my version of Sliced-Apple-With-Teacup, either. Faces were always so intriguing to me and I loved the long buildup to that ultimate satisfaction of capturing a likeness. I knew if I was going to paint something inanimate, I had to try to give it life somehow so I would stay interested and see it through to completion.

When I started assembling random objects, I found an unexpected delight in the staging process. Getting the pieces to relate to each other and somehow tell a story became the new challenge. In recent years, this has come full circle in what I refer to as “treasure portraits” where I strive to capture the essence of the individual represented by the painting.


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