Leos Suchan

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Leos Suchan

Czech Republic

MgA. Leoš Suchan

*1989, Tabor (Czech Republic)

Lives and works in Prague




2011 - 2016 Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, Studio of painting (Prof. Zdenek Beran, Prof. Michael Rittstein)

2010 - 2011 Faculty of Fine Arts, Brno University of Technology, Studio of painting (Doc. MgA. Petr Kvicala)


Selected solo exhibtions:


2018 Baroque Cafe, Dudes&Barbies Gallery, Prague

2018 Prostor 228 Gallery, Liberec

2018 Taste in painting, Zbraslav Gallery, Prague

2017 “Fake“ Dolmen Gallery, Prague

2017 “U Klicperu“ Gallery, Hradec Kralove

2016 Paintings Squared, “Na Milade“ Gallery, Prague

2016 U Kunstatu Gallery, Prague

2016 Second wave, Litera Gallery, Prague

2015 New wave, Litera Gallery, Prague

2014 Disruption, U Kunstatu Gallery, Prague

2014 People and levels, Water tower Gallery, Tabor

2013 People and levels, Transparent Gallery, Prague

2012 Bookshop and gallery Bastion, Tabor


Selected group exhibtions:


2018 Old News, Arcimboldo Gallery, Prague

2018 REALITY SHOW, Arcimboldo Gallery, Prague

2018 Internation art symposium,  Lehnice (SK)

2018 YICCA 17/18, Hernandez Art Gallery, Milan (IT)

2018 The Columbia Threadneedle Prize, Mall Galleries, London (UK)

2017 Reflexion durch weitergang, Alina Art Gallery, Chemnitz (DE)

2017 Atribut, JCejka Gallery, Prague

2017 Art Prague, Kafka´s House, Prague

2016 69. Art Salon, City museum, Policka

2016 Vanity Fair (AVU Graduates), Trade Fair Palace (National Gallery in Prague), Prague

2016 Exit, Bishop's Palace, Hradec Kralove

2016 Art Prague, Kafka´s House, Prague

2015 Near Miss, Josef Liesler Gallery, Kadan

2013 2 Painters + 1 Graphic, 2+1 Gallery, Bechyne

2012 Last, Navratil Gallery, Prague

2012 Students and graduates, studio of Prof. Zdenek Beran, Museum, Strakonice

2011 Studio of painting III, Theatre Reduta, Brno

2009 Place of intersection, Theatre Reduta, Brno

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