Alexander Krasnov

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Alexander Krasnov

Russian Federation

«I can imagine the worlds, invisible to the eye, but which are becoming available due to the flight of thought. It is possible - mentally fly around the Universe and return to Earth with new impressions. Isn't for them we set out on a journey across countries and continents?
Only one in our galaxy there may be several thousand worlds. But in the Universe of the myriad of such galaxies like ours. This gives an opportunity to think, that we are not alone, just great distances complicate communication between civilizations.»

1963 Born in  Leningrad.
1987-1992  Krasnoyarsk art college  names V.I . Surikov
Since 2000  Member of the Union of artists of Russia
2007  a creative trip to China, an exhibition of works, Harbin
2009-2010  International exhibition «Echanges Artistiques en Catalogne» France, Barkares

2011  International porcelain painting art symposium , «TOGETHER», Latvia

2012  International exhibition "Open Borders", Vienna, Austria

2013,2015 International Ceramics symposium "Baikal-ceramistika" Baikal Lake terminal, Olkhon, Huzhir

2017  International porcelaine symposium  , Altai

2018  7- th China Changchun International Ceramics symposium

Spent 14 personal exhibitions (Moscow, Krasnoyarsk, Zelenogorsk, Norilsk)

Participant of international, all-Russian, regional, regional and city exhibitions since 1989
Works in collections owned by museums (Novokuznetsk, Krasnoyarsk) and private collections in Russia, France, England, Germany, Japan, Austria, China.

-        1997   Special prize of the Japanese firm «Fukuoka Sокеn» for the creation of fantastic characters. Moscow, Central House of artist

-        1999   The Grand Prix at the all-Russia art contest, was awarded a trip to Paris, Moscow, Central House of artist

-        2001  Laureate of the prize of the «Heritage» in the nomination of painting, Krasnoyarsk

-        2011   Special diploma of International porcelain painting art symposium , «TOGETHER», Latvia, Riga

-        2014  The winner of competition on award of individual grants of the Governor of Krasnoyarsk region in the field of culture for 2014

-        2018  Letter of thanks from the Governor of the Krasnoyarsk Territory for  high professionalism

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