Dan Nguyen

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Dan Nguyen

United States

Dan Nguyen is a figurative realist painter born and raised in Vietnam. In 2016, Dan earned her BFA in Fashion Merchandising from The Academy of Art University in San Francisco, CA. After graduating from Fashion school, she wanted to explore another passion: painting. 

Recognized for her bold and vibrant color use, Dan’s narrative paintings tell stories of close relationships she values in life. The figures in Dan’s work are not afraid to be themselves and to be comfortable in their own skin. They can be climbing trees, dancing, laughing, crying, or simply dressing to impress. Dan makes art not only to express her personality, but to also portray her love for the friends whom she considers family. However, just like anything in life, there is always a downside in all relationships. As Dan continues to explore her body of work, she seeks for answers and solutions to the struggles she faces in her friendships. With each painting, she slowly begins to accept and cherish the imperfection of her relationships.

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