Teresa Elliott

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Teresa Elliott

United States

Teresa Elliott is a contemporary realist who has shown in many galleries and museums nationally and internationally.  The MEAM Museum in Barcelona, The Briscoe Western Art Museum, The Salmagundi Club, The World Art Museum in Beijing, China and The Butler Institute Of Art all have exhibited her oil paintings to name a few.  

Currently, she is working and living in the badlands of West Texas with a continuing fascination with portraiture and agrarian, rural life in the Texas countryside.  Yearly family vacations to her grandfather’s farm from her home in the midwest kept her interested in the gritty lifestyle of farm life that has influenced her work to this day. Today the raw landscape of the Big Bend region in far west Texas inform her paintings of the human form and bovines she render in oils as she meticulously captures the essence of every subject.

Her studio in the hills sits on a bed of ancient lava rock looking over a vast old ranch.  The wandering javelina herds, deer and turkey are frequent visitors at her studio reminding her of her favorite quote from John Muir, "When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it connected to the rest of the world."

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