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Alice Palmer


Alice Palmer spent her early life in Perth, Australia and grew up with a strong connection to the arts. She spent some years studying Science and Art before choosing to practice painting exclusively. She is a recent graduate of the Florence Academy of Art, where she studied drawing and painting intensively for three years. Through her intensive full time studies she has been able to access the training of a traditional atelier, as well as an immersion in Italian Renaissance art.

Alice experiments with various mediums, including oil and watercolour, ceramic, printmaking and collage illustration. Her fine arts focus is oil painting, and has spanned figurative scenes, still lives, landscapes and portraits. As an emerging artist she maintains a presence in the US and Australia, recently having shown as a finalist in the Kilgour Prize in New South Wales, Australia.

Alice’s focus has always been on the psychological nuance of space and presence, particularly figurative representations and portraiture. Before her graduation she was able to co-host a show of work with the Houston based artist Devin Nelson, an alumni of the FAA, and having maintained a connection and plans for future concept-driven shows in the future they paint together at the Purple Elephant studio spaces, sharing techniques, space and paint as they conceptualize larger works to come. 

Alice is represented by Glade Gallery, Houston TX, and maintains a presence in Australia through competitions and collaborative shows via her studio in Upper Lansdowne, New South Wales. 

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