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Sahra Becherer


Sahra Becherer was born in 1996 and raised in the remote woodlands of the Austrian countryside. Her early years were shaped by work and life deeply connected to nature, an experience that fundamentally influenced her creative voice. From a very young age she showed a growing interest in fine arts and soon followed her innate wish to create. At the age of 19 Sahra enrolled in the 3-year Drawing & Painting Program at the Florence Academy of Art in Florence/Italy. In the course of her studies several scholarships have been awarded to her, enabling her to continue her training in working from life in the realist tradition until graduating in 2017. Besides further training and refining her abilities in her craft Sahra seeks to address questions that are meaningful to her and develop artistic solutions.

Sahra got selected for the „Graduate in Residence“ Program at the Florence Academy of Art/Italy, where she is currently teaching as an Assistant in the Drawing Program, as well as realising personal painting projects.

„What I love about painting is the experience of transformation as a simple idea starts taking shape, growing towards something yet unknown. While trying to truthfully represent the essence of my subject, my appreciation for nature and human experience deepens evermore. I believe that sincere expression has the ability of creating an experience of the soul and intend to dedicate my artistic endeavours to reflect what lies beyond the visual.”


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