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Ananta Mandal


Ananta Mandal is an award winning internationally recognized contemporary Indian Artist. He is an expressive and imaginative painter. Mostly his paintings are created in impressionist manner and surrealist way in various mediums like watercolor, oil and acrylic. He lives and works in Mumbai, India.

He has evolved a highly individual style, deeply contemporary in its sensibilities. His paintings are best known for realistic urban landscapes. His brush stroke speaks of many things: the hustle and bustle of modern city life, figurative movements, festive seasons, seascapes and lakes, the time endured old railway steam engine, tropical desert, and the many moods of nature; where fluid moments are brilliantly captured by the artist. He has also gained recognition for his surrealistic paintings.

Ananta bagged many national and international awards. From participating in the most prestigious Harmony Art show, Mumbai in 2008, his excellent achievements include Award from Northwest Watercolor Society, Annual International Exhibition, Washington in 2017, the First Place Award from 36th International Exhibition at the Watercolor Art Society-Houston, U.S.A. in 2013, Award for Best Landscape in Watercolor from The Bombay Art Society, Mumbai, in both 2011 and 2006, and many more to mention. In 2016, Ananta was invited by the Indian branch of Faber Castell to test their new watercolors. His painting is featured in the front cover of their new set of watercolors.

Ananta is a member of numerous art organizations, including Member of The Pennsylvania Watercolor Society 2012-13, San Diego Watercolor Society, U.S.A. - 2008-09, Philadelphia Water Color Society, U.S.A. - 2008-09. Life Member of the Bombay Art Society, the Art Society of India, Mumbai.

Besides involving himself in Workshops, he also keeps himself busy in making experimental art films based on paintings, Video Installations. Among his various passions, Photography also has a place.

His works can be viewed in numerous public and private collections worldwide.

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