The Hundredth Monkey by Julie Beck

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Julie Beck

The Hundredth Monkey


58.42 x 53.34 cm | 23 x 21 in

Oil on canvas panel

  • First Place ($2,500 Cash Award) / Still Life

The Hundredth Monkey may have started as a still life inspired by a grey, gold, and black piece of fabric, but it ended up being a painting that dances around the concept of human exploration both internally and externally, while also echoing the still life works of the Dutch Golden Age. There are objects relating to magic and science (two sides of the same coin) and also items which suggest self exploration (mirrored ball, and Darwin's classic "I Think.." in his notebook). Also included are the ways in which humans explore and experience the world (sight - microscope, sound - bell, touch - hand, taste - egg, smell - flower).